Mr. Barber has been trying cases to verdict in the Circuit Courts for 25 years. He has tried every type of legal matter imaginable including over 25 personal injury and complex medical malpractice matters. The following cases are of interest because of the complexity and novelty of the legal issues involved:

Powell v. Chicago & Northwestern- Mr. Powell, an executive for a fortune 500 clothing company, was catastrophically injured when he fell down the stairs of a Chicago & Northwestern train. Mr. Powell was extremely intoxicated at the time he fell. Mr. Barber was able to negotiate a settlement after the jury was empanelled that resulted in the highest settlement or verdict ever achieved in the Circuit Court of Cook County in Rolling Meadows.

Knockel v. Rockford Memorial Hospital- Mr. Barber successfully negotiated a settlement with the hospital after the plaintiff’s baby (born at 26 weeks gestation) died as a result of an incorrectly placed feeding line. 

Dana v. Ayers- Both of Mr. Dana’s legs were broken when he was struck by the defendant’s automobile. The defendant blacked out behind the wheel as a result of a diabetic reaction. Mr. Barber was able to prove the defendant’s liability despite a strenuous “act of God” defense.

Wilson v. Chicago Northwestern- Ms. Wilson was struck and killed when she stepped in front of a Chicago & Northwestern commuter train. Mr Barber was able to prove the defendant’s liability even though Ms. Wilson crossed in front of the train while the warning bells were flashing. Mr. Barber was able to negotiate a settlement for Ms Wilson’s daughter.

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